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 Name: Kyla Williams 
 Comments:  thanks 4 everything Beth i really enjoyed the camp and seeing Emily and maria again 
was so much fun! and u have to train aurora some time 4 me and and ya !!!! Thanks so much i
learned so much about the horse and the test u gave us and the jumping cause that was her second
time jumping and she went over all of them! wow ! ya thanks so much 4 providing a stall 4 me
and stuff thanks!


Name: Cindy Hoddinott

Comments: Beth,
Thank you for everything. The March Clinic was a definite bonus to Wylee and I. I learned so much and now have a horse that I know respects me and gets on a trailer without the two hours of rearing and what not! I am looking forward to returning for some round pen work and to just visit.
You are so talented and will go far. Thanks again and see you soon.
Anyone thinking of doing the clinic should just do it - they will be amazed at the progess they can make in just two short days. It has changed my relationship with Wylee. You rock!


Name: Sam Kehler

Comments: I had a great time at the clinic this march! I learned more about my horses body language, and her general trust of me. I cant wait to come back for a visit ;)Our group was just fabulous and easy going.


Name: Corinne Strauss

Comments: Beth is a VERY talented individual. She can read and understand a horses body language better than anyone I know! My three year old horse wouldn't go into a trailer, after just one round-pen session he was walking in and out like a pro. She showed me how working from the ground up builds confidence and trust. She taught me how to gain the trust of my horse, and build an impenetrable bond. After I worked with my horse and Beth, going from ground to saddle was smooth and easy. Thanks Beth for all your knowledge, it will go far in breaking my next generation of colts.


Name: Kristi Hokkinen

Comments: Beth, you are an amazing person and exceptional with all, but you can understand horses at a level that most could only dream of achieveing! It truly is a miracle what you can achieve with horses and kids. Keep at it and soon enough you will be the best known trainer around!


Name: Laurie Shepstone

Comments: This such a great website, and Beth is one of the best riders and trainers I know! She has such a great way with horses, and she works miracles! I would recommend her training and horse camps to anyone wanting to learn to ride, or improve their skills. Great job, Beth!!



Name: Lila Grose
Comments: Beth, I watch you with the kids and with the horses.

you are great with both. Patient and kind. the kids loved the camp,

they learned a lot and more importantly gained confidence in themselves and their horses. You truly have a gift.


 Name: Tasha Friedrichs 
 Comment: Hey Beth, you are an awesome person! I wanted to  
 thank you for the lessons, they are awesome! 
 Name: Delle Fairclough

Comment: Nice web page, the kids look like they are having lots
of fun!
 You are really busy - do you have time to compete?