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What we have to offer


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The Love of A Horse - Riding Lessons!

Our Lesson program starts June 1st!

We are currently offering lessons to a limited number of people! We teach:

  • Basic horse care
  • Riding skills
  • Round penning 
  • "speaking horse"
  • Driving skills.
  • English
  • Western
  • Gymkhana
  • Jumping

Become part of our horse loving family, enjoy a great lesson program, discounts on our camps and training clinics, and take part in going to horse shows!


We have a small group of lesson horses that are available for use. 

We are also willing to have people bring their horses out and we will work on training you and your horse together! (Horses MUST have shots and be healthy to come for lessons)


Riders may sign up to have a single, individual or small group  lesson per week, or month.   If you own your own horse, the fee is the same .  We spend about 1 hour (May take a bit longer) with the horses -- preparing to ride, preparing for the lesson, riding, cleaning up and putting away horses and tack.



$35.00 +GST per hour long private

$25.00 +GST per person hour long semi private (2-4+ people)


Show Help

Coaching At Shows:

- $35.00 +GST

Training  At Shows:

- $15.00 +GST Per Class  + Show Fees
- $60.00 +GST Full Day + Show fees


Basic Training or Vice Help

Our Training program is based on the specific needs of each horse, and therefore we will work at the pace your horse requires. 30 days training does not mean 30 rides. Depending on your horse, your wallet ;) - Of course I mean how much money you would like to put into training, and how much skill you have will determine how long your horse should stay with us. We recommend a minimum of 60 days to get your horse a good start. The more time they spend here, the more they will accomplish. For best results 90-120 days is recommended. We use natural horsemanship methods. Horses are never pushed beyond what they can handle, and we work at their pace. By working at the horses pace, you end up with a much more level headed, willing partner in the end. Our goal is to get the best out of your horse possible. Have your horse trained to the level you want, perhaps you need basic ground work done, or a fully broke horse. Included in our fees is board, and 1 lesson/mini clinic per month. Please feel free to ask any questions you have.

Training and Vice Help......................................................$40.00+GST/hour

Rates below are an estimate and may vary (up or down!) depending on your horses needs. Discounts available when sending 2 or more horses.

For full time training*, (i.e., 5 days per week) 1 lesson/mini clinic with your horse, And board...the fees are:

Basic Training - $600+GST/Month

Problem horses - $800+GST/Month

Refreshers/Yearlings-2 Year olds (NO BACKING)/specific sport training (barrel racing, jumping, cattle work, etc.) - $450+GST/Month

Miniatures - $300+GST/Month 

* Rates may be subject to change depending on horses.

I strive to do my very best for the horse, in anyway I possibly can. For when they join-up with me, they will do the very same in return! - Elizabeth Kyler


Please e-mail me for more information.