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Grandpa's Barn


A barn is a sanctuary in an unsettled world, a sheltered place where life's true priorities are clear. When you take a step back, its not just about horses....its about love, life, and learning...


**UPDATE!!** - The old barn is getting a facelift! It has a brand new roof, electrical, AND! Most of the stalls have been rebuilt. (as nice as I built them when I was 12, its time for something new!)

This is a picture of our tie-stalls right outside our barn...


When cleaning up part of the barn, I found my Grandpas initials engraved into the wall! I thought it was neat - here is a picture..

I'm currently getting more info on my barn...but I decided I really wanted to make a page about it! As far as I know, my grandpa made this barn. It was a dairy barn with a dirt floor, and stanchions for the cows. After almost a years work of demolition and rebuilding (by myself) I have converted this old barn into a horse is still old and you can tell it! but it now has 7 stalls and a tack area in it:) This barn may not look like much to you...but to me it means everything!

I never met my grandpa, but my grandma tells me I'm a lot like him...he to used to love horses and every time he'd go away to a sale or something..he'd bring a few more home with him....he had the same soft spot in his heart for this wonderful animal as I do...So this barn is what I have of my it is special!


 Below is a picture of how the old barn looked with stalls I build when I was 12...