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 Round Penning - Trail Ride - Supper - Campfire - Games!




A stall or pen for your horse for the night and supper is included in the price! :) There will be an evening campfire and trail ride!  If you are interested..please send an email with any questions!!


Dates - want a training clinic to run this year? Let us know and we'll make it happen! 


Maximum of 10 riders per clinic.

$300+GST/per horse

Maximum of 20 spectators

$50 + GST per Spectator per

$5 (No GST) to camp with tent or trailer.


Want to learn how to best teach your horse ground manners?? Maybe you want some assistance with getting that youngster started?? Or perhaps you've got a horse with a bad habit Like loading, respect, catching, spooky etc?? Well then these training clinics are for you! Our clinics are open to all ages and levels. We go from the level you and your horse is at. Breeds of horses do not matter! We will take you into the depths of round penning skills and how to "speak horse" creating great horses! We round pen one horse at a time while everyone watches, every horse will have a something different to show and teach. If you are interested..please send an email with any questions!!


Registrations are due ONE WEEK in advance to prepare for the clinic...if you register after the week in advance, late fees will apply!!

Money is non-refundable

(unless otherwise specified)