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Come Ride With Us!!

                                Where learning & fun go hand in hand, and skill comes along with confidence & ability.

To ride? OR not to ride?.......What a STUPID question!

Hey there! Thanks for coming to check out my website! It is always getting updates with more pictures and information, so be sure to check often! Have fun learning about the horses I have here. If you'd like to contact me, scroll down to the bottom of this page, or go to the "about me" page! Thanks for visiting!




We are currently updating our website!! Apologies if the site is down at any time!!


2010 CAMP DATES - July 26 - 30 & August 23 - 27....MAY change - but those are the set dates thus far! There is a lot of interest this year - so book soon!


Be sure to check out you tube for many videos of the horses of The Love Of A Horse! 



Also, become a fan of our facebook business page! You can ad your own photos and videos, as well as start up discussion topics!


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