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What I have to offer
I'm currently offering lessons to a limited number of people! I can teach:
  • Basic horse care
  • Riding skills
  • Round penning 
  •  "speaking horse"
  • Driving skills.
  • English
  • Western
  • Gymkhanna
  • Jumping

 I only have a couple lesson horses so, I can only have so many people. I'm also willing to have people bring their horses out and we will work on training you and your horse together!

Riders may sign up to have a single, individual or small group  lesson per week, or month.   If you own your own horse, the fee is the same .  We spend about 1 hour with the horses -- preparing to ride, preparing for the lesson, riding, cleaning up and putting away horses and tack. You may trailer in or ride one of my lesson horses for a lesson.

$30.00 +GST per hour long private
$25.00 +GST per person hour long semi private (2-4 people)
Show Help
Teaching At Shows:
- $35.00 +GST
Training  At Shows:
- $15.00 +GST Per Class  + Show Fees
- $60.00 +GST Full Day + Show fees
Basic Training or Vice Help

Training and Vice Help......................................................$40.00+GST/hour

For full time training*, (i.e., 5 days
per week) And board...the fees are....
  Basic Training - $700+GST/Month
Problem horses - $800+GST/Month
Refreshers/ specific sport training (barrel racing, jumping, cattle work, etc.) - $500+GST/Month
Miniatures - $300+GST/Month
* Rates may be subject to change depending on horses.
I strive to do my very best for the horse, in anyway I possibly can. For when they join-up with me, they will do the very same in return! - Elizabeth Sitler

Please e-mail me for more information.

Maximum of 12 people at each camp to provide a more one on one experience with the trainers! In order for the camps to proceed, we need at least 5 people at each camp:) So call your friends and come on over!
And if something was to happen, both Elizabeth has current first aid, so you'll be taken care of!!
 At the end of the camps, there will be a fun show where ribbons will be awarded! We'll have fires in the evenings and be sleeping in the hay loft:)

It is going to be mostly Western as thats the majority of my saddles! Although there will be some english as well, its whatever you prefer:) The fun show will be gymkanna events (barrel racing, pole bending, etc.), jumping (just small jumps), and some of our own inventive show classes, oh as well as some flat classes! it ranges from beginners to the more advanced...although we think there is going to be more beginners there:)


-Warm Sleeping Bag and Pillow (any other night time necessities).

-water bottle, flashlight, any other camping gear needed!

-clothes for schooling (if wanting to ride english breeches, jods, schooling tights, chaps, stirrup pants, or spandex pants are all fine) (if western, jeans are fine). You'll also need a hard soled shoe with a heel, preferably a pair of boots.  They are available at Lammles or UFA with prices ranging from $40 to $300

-helmet (if you have one; if not, we have some helmets that are free to borrow, new helmets are found and Lammles or UFA)

-clothes you don't mind getting a little dirty!

-If bringing your own horse: saddle, saddle pad, bridle, brushes, hay.
Please fill out the Registration form and waiver and send it along with a certified check made out to "Elizabeth Sitler" and mail it to:
Elizabeth Sitler
Camrose, Alberta
T4V 2N1
ATTN: Camps
Registrations are due ONE WEEK in advance to prepare for the camp...if you register after the week in advance, late fees will apply!!
Money is non-refundable unless otherwise told